Our Personal Afterlife Crisis, a Journey to Acceptance

Everyone, I'm sure, has had an “afterlife crisis” moment when thinking about life after death. Maybe a family member passed away and that triggered those all too common thoughts...what happens when we die?

Merriam Webster defines the word “Crisis” as:

an unstable or crucial time or state of affairs in which a decisive change is impending, especially one with the distinct possibility of a highly undesirable outcome”

When someone close to you dies, all you want to do is talk to them one last time. Is there life after death? I want to know that they’re happy and well, free of the illnesses that killed them and most importantly, together. I also want to say ‘I love you’ one more time.

Regardless of your religious preference, there is comfort in thinking that possible, there actually is life after death! Maybe the veil between the living and those that passed is thinner than we can imagine.  Sometimes we have personal objects like spiritual jewelry, pendants, bibles that we hold close to us in an effort to hopefully receive a little more insight from above...that is our Afterlife Crisis personal journey! 

There's a sense of knowing, a third eye, an instinct, whatever you want to call it...deep down in all of us relating to the afterlife.

One of my future blogs will share my personal experiences.  Like all of you, I've lost many family members, friends and even my best friends (my fur babies).  Every time is heartbreaking, the "mourning" process somehow always feels the same and always remains no matter what anyone says.

Some of the best evidence for the afterlife is:

  • People on their death beds see spirits who come to help them make the transition. These experiences have been confirmed in various ways and shown to be objective phenomena and not hallucinations. Sometimes other people attending to the dying also see the same spirits at the same time. In one case a spirit communicating through a medium told of how she assisted a dying man. A relative of the man was sought out and the information the man related to the relative confirmed what came through the medium.

  • Near the time of their death the spirits of the dead have appeared to friends or relatives at distant locations where more than one person present at the location see's the spirit.

  • When people are unconscious and near death, they sometimes experience leaving their body and when revived, bring back information that they could not have obtained with their normal senses even if they had been conscious and that information is later verified as correct. "Scientific" explanations cannot explain this and other aspects of the phenomena.

Think about it, in this vast universe do we really believe death is the end all, be all? I don't.